Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bowla Granola

This is my most favorite breakfast as of late.  Get yourself a big old spoonful of Greek yogurt (it's just creamier and dreamier than other yogurt in my opinion), add some of your favorite granola to it (I used Nature Valley granola bars and just crumble them up), drizzle some good ol' local honey on top (eating local honey can help with seasonal allergies), add some raisins and your tree huggin' ass will be good and fueled for the next few hours!  And it's good to that tree huggin' ass of yours, will keep that thing firm.  So eat up! 


Terri Shelton said...

Do you ever make your own granola?

Jess said...

I haven't yet, Terri. You got a good recipe??

Terri said...

No, but looking for one! let me know if you learn yourself :)