Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Can You Do With A Can o' Cannellini's?

Here's a quick and easy, and healthy side dish that you can whip up in 5 minutes.  Open a can of cannellini beans (I always have a can of these, a can of black beans and a can of chickpeas in my cabinets - they all three make quick and easy sides dishes or munchies).  Rinse them and drain the water off them.  Put them in a bowl.  Cut up whatever aromatics you have on hand, I just happened to have vidalia onion and basil, and add them to the salad, though I think red onion would offer more bite and contrast.  Add in whatever veggie you have in the fridge that is about to go bad soon, I used tomatoes, you could use spinach, asparagus, arugula, peppers, cucumbers, etc. and add them to the bowl.  Now toss your salad (giggity) with olive oil and red wine vinegar or whatever vinegar you prefer.  Salt and Pepper.  Thank me later. 

I served mine on the side of a chicken Milanese (which is really a fancy way to say fried chicken breast that is thinly pounded, seasoned, floured, dipped in egg wash and then coated with seasoned breadcrumbs with parsley and Parmesan, then fried in a skilled in olive oil, about 3 minutes per side, then drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice)...this is a quick and easy dinner...and if you MUST be a total health freak, you can bake the chicken for say, 15 minutes at 350...but I personally like mine pan fried.


Kristin said...

Rachael Ray has a good recipe for white bean ragout with mushrooms, white wine, chicken stock and red pepper flakes that was pretty slamming.

Jess said...

Sounds delicious Kristin! I'll have to look that up!