Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend

You know Spring time is here when mud bugs make an appearance.  Yes, mud bugs as they are lovingly referred to in the South.  Those wascally widdle wabbits of fweshwater - Crawfish!  I remember when I was little growing up in Pittsburgh, me and a friend would catch these little suckers from a creek (or crick for you rednecks) in her backyard.  We called them Cray-fish up North.  Damn Yankees! 

Today, we boil 'em up with new potatoes, corn, sausage and Cajun spices for a delicious and extremely messy snack on patios all over the South.  Add cheap, cold beer, some amazing tunes and you got yourself a party.  Hyuh, Hyuh! (Oh - That's New Orleans for Here, Here).  

PS - Don't forget to suck their heads.  Mmm...mmm...good! 


Andy said...

And pinch their tails

Andy said...
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k said...

Great idea! Will probably have to special order crawfish in kansas, but well worth it! I miss a good boil.

Jess said...

You can always catch them in a nearby crick!