Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Portabello

These little puppies are heaven in your mouth.  We discovered these last year.  We were having a cookout and my friend made the delicious Kale Pesto that night and we were all raving about how tasty it was.  So in my total brilliance of a self-taught, try anything chef, I decided that the kale pesto placed on top of grilled portabellos, stuffed with goat cheese would be amazing.  And I was right (I usually am).  These babies have everything to offer.  The meatiness of the mushroom, the creaminess of the goat cheese, and the zingy freshness of the kale pesto...makes for a most pleasurable eating experience.

Just add olive oil, salt and pepper to the portabello, wrap in aluminum foil and put on the grill for about 15 minutes until fork-tender.  Add goat cheese to the inside of the mushroom when they are finished cooking, and top with kale pesto.  You can do these steps however you wish, as long as they are all on there, it will taste good, I promise.  Top with more cheese if you want, or just eat those bad boys with goat cheese and kale pesto.  Cut into 4's for an appetizer.  This will please anyone.  Even people who don't like goat cheese.  Trust me, I fed it to people who were unaware of the goat cheese addition and they shivered in delight.  And then I told them it had goat cheese in it, and they shrieked at the fact that they loved it so much (Don't try this at home, maybe your guests are allergic to goat never know...good thing mine weren't!)  So even you non-goat cheesy people, try it.  Do Not Be Afraid Of The Cheese Made By Goats!  Bah-ahh-ahhh!

Note: No guests were harmed during the tasting of these shrooms.

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