Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Avoca-DO IT

I love avocados.  I'm afraid of people who don't.  It's like people who don't like cheese or bread.  I understand being allergic or "sensitive" to cheese and bread.  But downright not liking cheese or bread is freaking LUDICROUS!  And the creamy, meaty, earthy taste of an avocado is so delicious, I can't understand people that don't like them.  But maybe, JUST maybe, you haven't had an avocado as good as this one.  I'll admit...I get a little tired of cutting open an avocado, slicing it up, splashing it with lime, sprinkling it with salt and then eating it all by itself.  It's amazing this way.  But I was looking for a new thing for my little green globes of goodness.  And I found it in Eating Well magazine.  

Here's What You Do:

Here's Why You Do It:
Because you love avocados and want to try a new spin on the little mushy, masses of meatiness.  Because you hate avocados and you are a lunatic, but you are willing to try it prepared in another way to see if there is a part of you that harbors a little love for the fancy, fleshy fruit.  You choose.

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