Thursday, December 08, 2011

Will Blog for Money

Will Blog For Money

I moved to Memphis in 2002.  I tried to get a job for months with no luck.  They say it's easier to know someone when you're on the job hunt.  Well, I knew a handful of people.  None of whom helped to get me a job.  So I decided, what the hell, I'll move on and get my masters degree in journalism.  (Don't judge if I don't have perfect grammar or write complete sentences...they didn't teach us that in school....I promise).  So I went to the University of Memphis, got me a fancy schmancy piece of paper, with a pretty high GPA I might add and tried to THEN find a job in Memphis.  I did manage to get a part-time job in a great little advertising agency where I learned a lot of things.  Media buying, marketing budgeting, advertising planning, and project management, among them.  

Currently, I bartend for my money (though not NEARLY enough).  Bartending can be like stripper money at times.  And it's hard to leave a fast-paced, busy-as-hell, fun job where you can make a weeks worth of pay in 5 hours to go sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, pretending to work, while really being bored off your ass, facebooking, having to follow rule, after rule, after rule.  

The other main reason I do it...I suck at job interviews.  Seriously.  I have been known to say some of the most outlandish things on interviews because my nerves get the better of me.  Take for instance, my interview for a marketing position at Gold Strike Casino.  Here's the short of it:

Gold Strike interviewer - "Jessica you look SOOOO young.  Our security guards are probably going to ask for identification each and every time you show up for work.  What are we going to do about that?"

Yours Truly - " haven't seen me naked....YET."

Yes, I a.) said "you haven't seen me naked" on a job interview, and then immediately b.) said YET!  As if to imply that at the work Christmas party they could definitely count on me shedding my Christmas sweater! GEEZ!  My foot couldn't get any further down my throat.  And no, I didn't get the job. 

Soooo.... back to the point.  If you know anyone that is looking for a smart-ass, dirty-mouthed, fun-loving, blog writer, who rants on and on about nonsense, and sucks at job interviews and will NOT actually get naked at the Christmas work party (unless lots of tequila is involved) send them my way so I can continue to write my blog and have fun in life and not have a real job where I'm handcuffed to a desk.  Or if you just have suggestions on how I can make some money writing this blog, send them my way.

Now call your friends and hook a bitch up (preferably those of you in Australia, Greece, Spain or Brazil).  Get Busy.

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