Friday, December 09, 2011

Run for your Life

My sweet FREE kicks from Nike.  Ugly as sin, but like pillows on your feet!

I hate cardio.  I hate not being able to breathe.  Who doesn't, well maybe David Blaine.  But I hate being overheated, sweaty, out of breath, red-faced, and in pain.  And when I see die-hard marathon runners, I want to offer them large quantities of cheeseburgers.  They just look like that picture of the human body with no skin, just muscles.  And it kinda freaks me out.    

I ran competitively.  In elementary school.  Yes, I said elementary school.  In the 6th grade we did this HUGE presidential race with other schools in our district.  And I had a lot of fun that day.  I ran the 440 relay and threw a discus.  I loved the 440.  Something about the technique of grabbing that baton and running like you're being chased by a pack of wolves is exhilarating.  We got 4th place and it was my first and only ribbon ever won in a sporting event.

I also hate team sports.  I hate being the one on the team that lets everyone down.  I'd rather let myself down a million times over than let someone else down.  So I stick to sports where I'm in competition with myself, and beating the other people's scores within the individual competition is just icing on the cake.  Like disc golf.  I'm trying to beat my own score.  But in essence, it's nice to beat the scores of the other people you're playing with.  However, if I suck that day, I'm not hurting anyone but myself.

I started running again in say, 2004.  My beautiful friend Cassie and I decided to start walking.  We'd walk and then pick out a landmark and run to it.  Sprinting between walks.  And damn, did we end up looking GOOD that Summer!

So I recently started doing that again.  And damn it, if it doesn't feel good.  After a good sprint/walk session, I look in the mirror and can see color in my face.  I have a glow.  I feel great.  My lungs, that are exposed to lots of carbon monoxide on a daily basis (yes, I'm a smoker), thank me.  My heart plays a funky beat.  And my attitude....oh my attitude improves greatly.  I become a positive thinker.  I find the girl that is a confident, smart, capable, person. I lose her sometimes.  I wish she'd just stay put. 

What does this have to do with a kitchen you might say??
And my answer...get off your ass and exercise. Because you'll feel less guilty eating a gallon of ice cream afterwards.

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