Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrumptious Sammies and Barefoot Banter

I ripped this one off of Ina Garten.  Now, for those of you who don't know her, she's this little, round lady on Food Network that lives in the Hamptons.  She's got this show called Barefoot Contessa where she cooks meals for all her "jolly" friends and her dorky husband.  I'm not sure what a Contessa is, kinda reminds me of something you'd call a witch, but if I'd have to guess, simply by watching the show, a Contessa is a person who stongly believes in table settings!  I mean, seriously, this woman spends more time on making the table look good than she does on the food.

You know what I use for cloth napkins in my house?  A paper towel.  My plates don't match.  I have 5 white ones, 4 yellow ones and 4 green ones.  Kinda looks like someone threw up in my cabinet!  The only reason I have nice silverware is because of a wedding present from my inlaws.  For glassware...I have a bunch of stolen pint glasses from different bars and restaurants throughout the country (It's kinda my thing...sue me...that is, if you can catch me.)

But back to Ms. Ina.  I do have to admit, this woman can cook.  She's annoying as hell to listen to, mainly because she comes off as this snooty bitch in her little Hampton kitch, but girl can throw DOWN on some killer food.  And she's kinda my hero for saying Sayonara to her job as a White House nuclear policy analyst so that she could pursue her dream of being a cook, a self taught cook I might add.  Hell, I love you Ina.  So check her out, buy her cookbooks (which I own none of....hint, hint, family and friends), watch her show, etc.

But if you do only one thing Ina Garten, do this sandwich.  It's become a favorite! 

(Note: I didn't use pancetta, simply because I didn't have any, but I have used it and it's delicious.  I also don't use the sun-dried tomatoes, because those jerks give me awful heartburn.  It's a bitch to get older!  If you're in a hurry, you can use rotisserie chicken and it's just as good.  And the dressing for this sandwich would taste awesome on a tire.) ENJOY!!     

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