Thursday, June 16, 2011

All Hopped up on Popcorn

Hello.  My name is Jessica Halliday...and I am addicted to popcorn.  I mean really addicted.  I make it just about every night around 8ish.  It's healthy.  It's easy.  It's cheap.  You can do so many things to it, add so many flavors, it's the perfect canvas for anything in your spice rack.  Cayenne, celery salt, cinnamon sugar, dried herbs, the list is endless.  But I, being the simple girl that I am, just like salt.  Not a ton of salt.  Just a little pinch.  And there's something calming about picking kernels out of your teeth for the next few hours after eating popcorn.

Here's how easy it is....this makes the perfect serving for 1 bowl of popcorn:
Get out a pot.  I use stainless steel, but nonstick should work too, dunno, I never tried it, but I assume it will.  Add in a tablespoon of vegetable oil and turn your burner to high.  Take a bag of popcorn (which is like $1 at the store, don't you dare buy that boxed's loaded with a bunch of stuff you don't need - trust me), grab a handful of kernels.  Drop your handful of kernels into the pot with the oil.  Keep your burner on high.  Put a lid on it and wait.  Usually takes about 2 minutes before the kernels start to pop. 

At this point, shake your pan a little bit, just to get everyone evenly heated up.  Now you're going to have a popping party.  It's gonna sound like the grand finale of a firework show in your kitchen for a few seconds.  Once you hear space between the pops, keep your eye on it or those suckers will burn like hell.  When the popping dies down, turn the heat off, tilt the lid so that some steam escapes, but don't take the lid off just yet.  There's always a sneaker popper that likes to explode all over your kitchen when you get all impatient like myself.  After about 30 seconds, when you are SURE no more kernels are gonna blow, add in your pinch of salt or seasoning of whatever kind (Parmesan cheese is amazing too).  Give it one last shake with the lid on to distribute your seasoning of choice. 

A couple of side notes: 1.) I personally like to underpop my corn a little bit because I love those kernels that are JUST about to pop, but have just cracked a little bit.  Those are my favorites.  I like gambling on whether or not I'm going to break a tooth.  I live life on the edge!  2.) I've never made this on an electric stove, so I have no idea if you will burn your house down if you try.  

Add your popped corn to a bowl for a delicious snack you can enjoy while yelling at your favorite sports team, watching a cheesy, make-you-sob-like-a-baby movie, stupid reality show, or whatever you are doing at the time.  But beware of lurkers, because one handful only makes one bowl and one bowl of popcorn can go QUICK!


ben hollis said...

I've never bought "real"popcorn. Can you reccomend where to get it?

Jess said...

It's that bag of kernels you see in the same place where all the boxed popcorn is in your grocery store. It's usually on the bottom shelf because it's the cheap stuff.