Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Screw a Bowl of Wheaties

Farmer's Market season has hit Memphis.  And I love going to the market to see what little gems I can find.  Last week...I found these: 

And if you're wondering what "these" are, they are THE best tasting tortilla chips in this city, if not in the world.  They are made with love...and are now sold with love at local farmer's markets (or you can find them at Las Delicias restaurant on Park Avenue OR, if you're really sweet, I might send you a bag.)  So I bought a bag.

Now recently, a friend of mine and I went and ate brunch at a local place in walking distance from my house, The Beauty Shop, actually, there are about 10 restaurants in walking distance from my house that are absolutely amazing (Young Avenue Deli, Do, Sweetgrass, Tsunami, Cortona, Cafe 1912, Central BBQ, Bari...to name a few) and it's total figure suicide living so close to these places.  My only saving grace is that I can walk, or ride a bike to get to them, which is at least a LITTLE exercise.

But back to the Beauty Shop.  Their brunch is awesome.  And they make a mean Bloody Mary.  Again, I'll go so far as to say the best in town.  And they have Chilaquiles on their menu (pronounced Chee-la-KEEY-lays, for you non-Spanish speaking readers).  And I've never eaten a chilaquile, but they kept walking platefuls of them by me, delivering them to ravenous guests, who would smile a smile SOO big when they received this plate full of food.  And my friend ordered the chilaquiles for brunch that day.  And from that day on, I will order chilaquiles shall they appear on any menu I'm presented, because they are EFFIN' AWESOME!  So after I tasted chilaquiles and after purchasing these tortilla chips, I had to recreate them.

Here's how I made 'em:
1 bag of tortillas (slightly stale is better)
1 can of tomatoes or fresh, but we didn't have any great looking tomatoes that weren't from a country 10,000 miles away, so I went with canned
1 serrano chile
1/2 onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 jalapeno
bunch of cilantro
Then the following to garnish...(or use whatever you like) - green onion, cotija cheese (it's Mexican...and it's awesome - try it, it's kinda like feta), avocado, cilantro.

Put your can of tomatoes with the juice, a serrano chile (this sucker is hot), the jalapeno, garlic, onion and a handful of cilantro in a blender and blend away until you have salsa.  Season with salt and pepper and add in more garlic, onion, etc...whatever it needs to make it taste good to you.  Seems like everyone likes their salsa slightly different.  I like spice, so I ended up adding in more jalapeno and more garlic.

Take your salsa and put it in a saute pan to heat it up.  Once it's heated, add in a handful of tortilla chips.  A handful in this case is one serving.  So this will be for one guest.  If you have a bird eater guest, I'd say add about 10 chips.  If you have a elephant eater guest, double it.  Toss the chips in the salsa until the chips are well coated and start to turn slightly soggy.  In another pan fry up an egg (if you don't know how to make an egg, you probably aren't interested in cooking, and therefore shouldn't be here...how the hell did you get here???).  Put the chips on a plate, add the egg, top with a little more salsa, and add avocado, cheese, green onion and cilantro to garnish.

PS - this is an awesome hangover recipe....it will have you up and movin' in no time! 

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