Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally Mastered Scallops

Usually when I make scallops they turn out resembling the texture of a rubber eraser. You know, the pink kind that we all once chewed on in Elementary School. Don't act like you never put one of those in your mouth. But this time, they turned out perfectly! They could have been a little more browned, I know, but the texture was similar to the texture of scallops I pay $22 bucks a plate for at nice restaurants! Melt in your mouth delicate. And this meal was healthy! Asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic, shallot, a little lemon, a touch of butter, crushed red pepper, salt & black pepper and some chicken broth. All sauteed together in one pan. Don't be afraid of scallops. Even if they turn out bad the first couple of times, they still taste good. But when you finally master them you can invite people over and blow their minds with your expert scallop cooking techniques!

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Leigh said...

That looks freakin delish!