Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Million Dollar Scallops

I have fallen victim to a scam.  That's right.  Yours truly was not on her game one morning, while lying in bed, reading my emails, and I didn't read the fine print or do my research when I came across a Living Social deal for fresh seafood.  I jumped quickly at the deal, which claimed you pay $20 for $40 worth of seafood from the Maryland Blue Crab Express.  I adore blue crab.  And it's about this time every year when I crave a box full of freshly steamed blue crab, covered in Old Bay Seasoning, and an ice cold Corona with a lime.  So I bought the deal and went on to the website to see what I might be able to get.  Turns out, it's not cheap to buy blue crab online.  And it's a whole lot more expensive to have someone else pack and ship your blue crab.  So I decided, ok, in order to not spend an extra $180 bucks for some blue crab, I would just get some shrimp and scallops.  Wrong again.  In addition to the $11.00 extra I would be paying for these items (that included my $40 of free fish), the shipping/packing alone was going to be an additional $80.

So I did what any old cheapskate would do.  I found the cheapest thing I could get, which ended up being scallops, a 10-20 count for $22.99.  Now, take my $40 coupon, and I have 17.01 remaining.  However, add in shipping and packaging and I now owe an additional $30.  SCREWED.  HARD.  So I have now just paid $50 for 10-20 scallops.  I thought to myself, "so help me, there best be 20 god damned scallops in my package when they arrive.")

So here I am now, with my sea scallops.  There are about 15 of them.  They don't look any more special than any sea scallop I could have bought for $20.00 at the grocery store. In fact, they are all a different size.  Some small, some medium sized.  So now the cook time on them is going to vary.  I wanted to make some elaborate dish out of my $50 scallops, but instead I put them in a hot pan with some coconut oil, salt and pepper and sauteed them.  I forgot to get a picture because I was so pissed off at my scallops and at myself that I just ate the mediocre little mollusks. 

So heads up.  Read the fine print.  Don't fall for scams.  And don't overpay for mediocre seafood.  Do your research.  LESSON LEARNED.

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