Monday, August 27, 2012

Your Excuse to Ride the Greenline

Mollete - Open Faced Torta with toasted bread, pinto beans, melted cheese, smoked chicken and fresh avocado.

Delicious pork tacos!

Here's your excuse to get off your lazy ass and walk, run, and/or ride the Greenline.  Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana.  This place is the real deal.  Authentic Mexican fare.  Not cheese ridden.  Not raped by refried beans.  Not covered in creamy sauces.  No...this is the freshest Mexican food you will find in Memphis...possibly even in Mexico.  You know why?  Because the food lovers that own this little spot of heaven do not get food deliveries.  They go out and hand-pick their food.  They make their own tortillas, breads, and chips.  They get all their beef, pork, chicken and veggies locally.

This place is legit.  As legit as they come.  And the signage on the walls is entertaining.  And the aguas frescas (my favorite is the Sandia, which is whole, juiced watermelon) are so refreshing, they will give you all the energy in the world to get back to your final destination.  And the man at the register, who so helpfully guides you toward choosing their best dishes (ALL OF THEM) is easy on the eyes.  And it's conveniently located right off the Greenline in Germantown.  So get on your bike, ride your happy little butt to Las Tortugas, fill up on delicious, authentic Mexican food and then ride your totally satisfied-self back home. perfect, fat, American your lazy self to Las Tortugas Deli, eat so much that you hate yourself a little bit, drive yourself home and lay on the couch for the rest of the night, complaining about how miserable you are because you ate too much.  But do go to this place.  No matter how you do it, you'll be happy you did.     

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