Friday, November 05, 2010

I'm not down with OPP, OPE, OPT or OPC

This is one of those things about me that I can't fully explain, but I'm going to do my best.  OPP = Other People's Potato Salad.  OPE = Other People's Egg Salad.  OPT = Other People's Tuna Salad and obviously OPC = Other People's Chicken Salad. 

I can't eat other people's salads.  Freaks me out.  Maybe it's because there's no telling how you make yours.  I have no idea what you put in it.  And I don't like not knowing what's going inside of me!  Maybe it's the sound of these salads as they are being stirred.  That sound has always made me a little uneasy.  But I prefer to be in charge of that sound.  I don't want to eat your sound.  Maybe it's because of the way they look.  All mashed together like no one really even tried to make them look pretty.  Maybe I should change my blog to "Lunatic in the Kitchen".


Bianca said...

Cold macaroni and cheese (or salad) sounds the worst.

Jess said...

You, my friend, are spot on about that mac n' cheese sound!!