Monday, August 23, 2010

The One & Only Mike & Tony's

They claim to be the "Greek Answer to McDonald's", but in my opinion, that really doesn't do this place any justice.  They are nothing like McDonald's.  NOTHING.  They don't look like a McDonald's, they don't operate like a McDonald's, and they sure as hell don't taste like a McDonald's.  The main reason being, their food is FRESH.  Yes, FRESH.  It is made to order.  It hasn't been sitting under a heat lamp all day.  It's made from REAL ingredients.  I banned McDonald's from my body long ago.  I don't even let my friends bring their McDonald's into my house.  It's not welcome here.  You eat outside.

Back to the lecture at hand...(thanks Snoop).  My dad taught my sister and I a LOT about food.  Mainly, to not be afraid of it.  To try new things.  So it's no wonder my dad knows a ton of little hole in the wall restaurants in Pittsburgh.  One of them being Mike & Tony's

I can't tell you the first time I ate at Mike & Tony's in the South Side of Pittsburgh.  It's probably because I went into a state of bliss with the first bite I took.  I'm pretty sure I was young, maybe twelve or so.  I can tell you that I've only ordered the gyro and french fries and I've never eaten anything else off the menu.  There is no need to.  The gyro is the best gyro you will ever eat.  Ever since I've moved away from Pittsburgh, I've been searching for my Mike & Tony's gyro, with no luck.  That's 19 years people.  For 19 years, I've been searching for my Mike & Tony's away from Mike & Tony's.  

Fortunately, my dad still lives in the 'Burgh and makes SURE to put aside some time to visit my favorite gyro place in the world.  On my last visit, we tried to figure out what makes them so good.  My dad thinks it's the tzatziki sauce they make.  Which is so fresh and cold and is a great contrast to the hot spicy lamb meat!  I think it's their pitas.  They are so soft.  They taste like they just came out of the oven.  Which is usually my problem with OPG (Other People's Gyro's ~ thanks Naughty by Nature).  The pitas seem old.  I am most definitely not down with OPG.    

But honestly, I think Mike & Tony's just makes their gyros with such love.  The meat is so juicy and well seasoned and they don't skimp on the amount they give you.  The lettuce, onion and tomato are fresh as can be.  The pita is soft and delicious.  And the tzatziki is fresh and flavorful.  If you are ever in Pittsburgh, please do yourself a favor and head to Mike & Tony's for the best gyro in the United States and maybe even the entire world!  I will forever be in search of my Mike & Tony's away from Mike & Tony's, but I'm pretty sure they are a one-of-a-kind.  


Leigh said...

I think it is the meat, which is spiced to perfection and so juicy and delicious!

Bianca said...

I don't even eat lamb, but I want one of these.

Jess said...

Oh Bianca, you would feel no guilt after this one!